Content marketing 

SearchBuzz creates remarkable website content for effective customer acquisition and retention. Especially, SEO keywords and content will improve search engine ranking by our professional and highly experienced content creation team.


Main Benefits


Latest Trend Catching Up

We always catch up with the latest trends on the market and social media


Strong Ideas

Our content ideas are deeply influential. We navigate customers based on the business purposes of the website.


Natural Content

Our content is so natural and compelling that it leaves profound impressions on customers.

Content is the soul, the heart as well as the breath

Content is of paramount importance in every channel, from SEO and online advertisement to email and affiliate marketing. Whenever the need for content arises, we will always be there.

We ensure your story will be consistent and appropriate for your brand and each channel.

Problems you are encountering

Over the last five years, we have been building our in-house content creation team as well as cooperating with outsourcing ones. We have faced many problems during this time. That’s why we are sure you and your business are confronting the same problems as we have.

Content Inhouse

Enormous operating costs.
Unskilled and non-expert employees.
No clear and specific strategies.
Deficiency of profound knowledge of products and services.

Outsourcing Content

Inconspicuous and tedious content due to the mixture of pre-existing content.
Lack of painstaking research into the target audience.
Lengthy, wandering and out-of-focus content.
Missing deadlines for assigned content creating tasks.

In-depth analyses

We start by examining all of your current content. Subsequently, we will carry out competitive analyses to determine your current content performance so as to find out viable solutions for enhancing it.

How is the Content we bring to you?

We, Search Buzz, will help you grapple with those aforementioned problems. Let’s see what we can do for you!

Effective strategies

We will help you formulate good plans for streams of traffic and leads in respect of costs as well as identify your target audience, offers, types of content and communication channels.

High level of expertise

We are a team of vastly experienced editors and specialized staff on every particular area of expertise, hence creating best-laid content to help you achieve your goals.

High-quality content

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SearchBuzz ensures the originality and distinction of every single content to bring the audience useful information that suits their needs.

Creativity and originality

Content marketing by SearchBuzz places true and lasting values for businesses, gently winning the hearts of both your leads and target customers.

Which channel does content marketing work well with?

Good content is the key factor throughout the customer life cycle. Achieve your business goals with Content Marketing services of SearchBuzz.

Web Content

No matter how visually attractive a website is, it is of no use without good and purposeful content. We create content with the aim of converting visitors into loyal customers.

Link Building

Link building is one of the most effective ways to boost traffic and credibility of the website. We create good content to maximize the impact of your SEO strategies.

Visual Content

Visual content is the shortest and most fruitful way to reach and engage customers. We are experts in this field.

Collective channels

Email, Social Media and Google Ads are channels with high conversion rates. Make sure your content is outstanding on the crest of a wave.

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Our working process

Thanks to web content creation, infographics, blogs and ebooks, good content will become your competitive advantage. With SearchBuzz, you will possess content imprinted on customers’ minds and reach your business goals. Our procedure of content creation has been refined over the years.


Research on target audience

Although every business expects their content to attract every audience, each audience has their own characteristics. Therefore, when you aim to publish your content to reach every type of audience, this content will lack specificity to be useful for anyone.


Data research and analytics

Data is regarded as the backbone of a fruitful content marketing strategy. It nudges us towards the right direction of content creation. From there, we extend the competitive range to figure out important metrics for the brand.


Strategy formulation based on customer analytics

Based on the aforementioned analytics, we can devise a detailed content marketing plan appropriate to your goals. With the best approaches, we will map out a strategy for creating, distributing and promoting content for each channel and ensure its appropriacy.


Content creation, distribution and promotion

During this process, departments in charge will work together to develop your brand and generate valuable digital content to build up the best possible customer relations.


Performance tracking and strategy refinement

After implementing your strategies, we will monitor the strategy performance rigorously, carry out testing and find out the opportunities from the data received. In addition, we will optimize the strategies and achieve the optimum efficiency with the lowest cost.

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