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With our considerable experience, SearchBuzz places great emphasis on core creative abilities to achieve remarkable success and the apparent efficiency of growth for each project by the philosophy “operational design”.

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We are proud and lucky to polish images of leading businesses in Vietnam thanks to our capacity and professional style of design.

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With specialist, practical and useful knowledge, we provide consistent and professional brand design services.

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With our considerable experience, SearchBuzz places great emphasis on core creative abilities to achieve remarkable success and the apparent efficiency of growth for each project by the philosophy “operational design”.


Through our understanding of market trends and characteristics plus wide experience, we will always be clients’ constant companion and flexible to suit their needs.


With our partners and experience, SearchBuzz is always your companion to map out strategies and provide clients with advice on optimal solutions.

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For each problem regarding brand design, SearchBuzz, with ability and core value of creativity, constantly strives to show our elaborateness and meticulousness in each developed idea, highlighting the practical use and efficiency of every single product

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Our working process

The brand design procedure at SearchBuzz will help clients get a professional, consistent and distinctive brand identity system which optimally contributes to their business performance and development. Clients let us know their requests about topics, information and content such as: Building a new brand identity system or restructuring the existing identity system. Each request has its own procedure of operation.


Research the current situation of the brand

Conduct research and survey on the current situation of the client’s brand on the market . SearchBuzz will offer counsel on brand categories: brand identity, structure, strategies, intellectual property and activation. Identify prime goals to prioritize, structure models to build up, strengths and weaknesses, as well as product groups for leads and prospects.


Recommendations on directions to lead through dramatic growth

With the aim of building up brands having the potential for tremendous growth, SearchBuzz puts forward recommendations on content regarding brand strategies, messages and core values to deliver to target customers.


Research and map out brand strategies

1. Research a comprehensive picture of the industry on the market as per the 3C principle: Competitor - Customer - Company.
Determine Key-point of the brand in respect of marked similarities and differences - USP and competitive advantages over competitors.
Map out strategies with regard to superstructures, brand positioning, brand persona and personality.
Develop brand vision, mission and statements.
Plan multi-level brand management and synchronous brand identity application at different customer touch points.
Give counsels on implementation of brand activation and strategies of multi-channel brand positioning communication
Refinement of Brand Logo Ideas
Send demos of brand logo design ideas to clients and receive their feedback.
Design brand guidelines for clients to apply into practice, bringing about the brand resonance.
Develop brand identity applications with the final logo.
Run brand identity applications as per requirements and hand over the design source file after gaining clients’ satisfaction.

Frequently asked questions

What is brand identity?

Brand identity is simply understood as a weapon that differentiates you from your competitors on the market. A well-designed brand identity will help improve the customer experience at each “brand touchpoint”. It subconsciously affects customers’ views on the market and your business on that market, as well as the credibility of your business.
Brand identity is all about how customers view your brand, how they feel, and what they can understand from it. These decisive factors will affect their decision on choosing to buy your products or using services of your business.

What does the brand identity system include?

Here are some basic applications that require consistent development to best forge the brand identity of your business.
1. Brand Logo, Slogan or Tagline.
2. Brand application system at the office:
●Business card, Name card, Leaflet, Envelope.
●Notes, Invitation Letters, Documents, Invoices
●Staff Uniform, Hat, Raincoat, Badge,
●Catalog, Brochure, Company profile, Annual Report
3. Brand application system on the Internet:
●Web Design, Landing Page
●Banner Ads, Google Ads, Facebook Ads
●Brand Image on Social Media
4. POSM brand application system
●Billboards, O-O-H Ads
●Catalog, Brochure, Banner, Poster, Standee
●Stalls, Product Shelf display
●Sales Kits

Why do businesses need brand design?

●Increasing business efficiency: a business with a professional brand identity can gain sympathies and trust from customers and affirm outstanding supply values.
●Increasing competitive advantage over competitors: the brand restructure not only accelerates the internal changes of the business to readily adapt to the market's changes, but also offers the business with unique competitive advantages over competitors in the industry.
●Enhancing the value of the business: orienting and re-planning the brand's vision, mission, and core values are regarded as a guide for businesses to keep moving in the right direction and develop sustainably.
Steps to create professional brand design
When embarking on a design project, professional designers often have a variety of approaches. They want to grasp an overview to evaluate and understand the core values of the brand. Subsequently, the process takes place as follows:

Steps to create professional brand design

1) Research & Exploration
This is the stage that leverages "thoughts and emotions" of the designers. It requires time, energy, and human resources to research. The most important thing is to lay the foundation based on the visual language.

In this step, the designers “learn” everything about the brand they work for. Through research, they can create the brand personality - a complete picture of the brand. In order to do that, they have to wonder themselves those following questions:
●Who is the target audience?
●What is the brand personality?
●Who are the competitors on the market?

2) Visual Thinking
When it comes to this step, there are dozens of data and headlines to deal with from competitor analysis and customer feedback in internal surveys. These significant insights can reveal customers’ feelings towards the personality, goals and values of the brand design, so it is the designers’ task to discover how to present these insights visually.
Thence, they will select specific elements that are the most emotion-provoking and vivid to be included in their design.

3) Production process
After a lot of "homework" and "mind mapping", it's time to get started:
●Color pallette
●Brand guidelines

Is there a need to protect intellectual property rights?
In the competitive market, it is crucial to work out plans to protect your brand. Not only does this give you peace of mind during your branding process, but it also lowers the probability of risks and losses in the future.
SearchBuzz will provide you with a step-by-step guide to protect intellectual property rights of your brand.

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