Inbound Marketing Agency

Develop a strategic approach including 3 stages: Attracting, Reaching, and Caring with the aim of building up partnership that brings value to customers and the growth of the business.

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What does SearchBuzz do?

SearchBuzz Media provides adequate services on digital marketing, from research, strategies to implementation, in order to increase sales and improve brand identity.

Our Services

Digital product 

We develop an ecosystem of websites with high-quality content and millions of traffic in various markets.

Inbound Marketing

The all-rounded strategy to increase leads and sales as well as brand recognition.

Website Design

We design SEO websites that are compatible with devices and search tools, making a contribution to a considerable increase in sales.

Content Creation

With SearchBuzz Media, you will have content that appeals to customers’ minds and achieve your business goals.

Grow Your Business Faster

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Less Talk, More SearchBuzz

Real Success Stories

We place customers in the heart of every thinking and action as well as create customizable solutions that satisfy customers’ requirements completely

Customers are the center

We always catch up with the latest and changing trends to consider applying them to our strategies. Additionally, we also revise our plans daily to bring the optimal results to customers.

Always catch up with latest trends

You will see in SearchBuzz’s plan there are concrete success metrics for all marketing activities. We try our best to attain these commitments to you. Results never lie.

Transparent metrics

The Inbound Marketing solution of SearchBuzz will help your business increase the number of customers, sales, and improve identity. There are various reasons why you should choose SearhBuzz to be your partner:


Research on target audience

Although every business expects their content to attract every audience, each audience has their own characteristics. Therefore, when you aim to publish your content to reach every type of audience, this content will lack specificity to be useful for anyone.


Data research and analytics

Data is regarded as the backbone of a fruitful content marketing strategy. It nudges us towards the right direction of content creation. From there, we extend the competitive range to figure out important metrics for the brand.


Strategy formulation based on customer analytics

Based on the aforementioned analytics, we can devise a detailed content marketing plan appropriate to your goals. With the best approaches, we will map out a strategy for creating, distributing and promoting content for each channel and ensure its appropriacy.

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