September 26, 2022

biologist: A scientist who research residing beings.

biology: The research of residing beings. The scientists who research them are referred to as biologists.

blue whale: a species of baleen whaleBalaenoptera musculus), is the biggest animal that has ever existed. They will attain a size of 30 meters (almost 100 toes) and weigh as much as 170 metric tons.

cetaceans: Order of marine mammals together with whales, dolphins and porpoises. Baleen whales (Mysticetes) filter meals from the water with giant baleen plates. The remaining cetaceans (Odontoceti) embrace about 70 species of toothed animals, together with beluga whales, narwhals, killer whales (a sort of dolphin) and porpoises.

colleague: One who works with one other; colleague or workforce member.

laptop mannequin: a program working on a pc that creates a mannequin or simulation of an object, phenomenon or occasion in the actual world.

laptop program: A set of directions that a pc makes use of to carry out some evaluation or calculation. Writing these directions is named laptop programming.

dolphins: a very smart group of marine mammals belonging to the household of toothed whales. This group contains killer whales (killer whales), pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins.

thrust: Retarding power generated by air or different fluid surrounding a transferring object. It has to do with friction. However not like easy friction, it will increase with the velocity of an object.

extinct: adjective describing a species for which there aren’t any residing representatives.

energy: Some exterior affect that may change the motion of a physique, hold our bodies shut collectively, or trigger motion or rigidity in a stationary physique.

fossil: Any surviving stays or traces of historic life. There are lots of several types of fossils: bones and different physique elements of dinosaurs are known as “physique fossils”. Issues like footprints are known as “fossil tracks”. Even dinosaur poop samples are fossils. The method of fossil formation is known as fossilization.

humpbacked: a species of baleen whaleMegaptera novaeangliae), maybe finest identified for its new “songs” that journey lengthy distances underwater. Large animals, they’ll attain over 15 meters (or about 50 toes) in size and weigh over 35 metric tons.

ichthyosaur: a large marine reptile that appears like a dolphin. Its title means “fish-lizard”. Nonetheless, this was not related to fish or marine mammals. And though not a dinosaur, however lived concurrently the dinosaurs.

weight: A quantity indicating how a lot an object resists acceleration and deceleration – mainly a measure of how a lot matter that object is fabricated from.

mesozoic: an period in geological historical past made up of three interrelated intervals well-known for his or her giant reptiles: the Triassic (which lasted from 251 to 199.6 million years in the past), the Jurassic (which lasted from 199.6 to 145.5 million years in the past) and the Cretaceous interval. (which lasted from 145.5 to 65.5 million years in the past).

Mesozoic period: Geological time interval from about 252 million to about 66 million years in the past. This period, also known as the Age of Reptiles, contains the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous intervals.

mannequin: simulation of an actual occasion (often utilizing a pc) designed to foretell a number of probably outcomes. Or an individual who has to point out how one thing will work or look on others.

killer whale: The biggest species of dolphin. The title of this black and white marine mammal, Orcinus killer whalemeans killer whale.

plesiosaur: a species of extinct marine reptile that lived concurrently dinosaurs and was distinguished by a really lengthy neck.

perspective: (n.) The prospect (reminiscent of what’s in view) or the way forward for one thing (reminiscent of whether or not it will likely be profitable).

reptile: Chilly-blooded vertebrates whose pores and skin is roofed with scales or attractive plates. Snakes, turtles, lizards and alligators are all reptiles.

resistance: (in physics) One thing that retains a bodily materials (reminiscent of a bit of wooden, a stream of water or air) from transferring freely, often as a result of it creates friction that stops it from transferring.

sea: Ocean (or a area that’s a part of an ocean). Not like lakes and streams, sea water—or ocean water—is salty.

Unit ism: (in measurements) A unit of measurement is a typical method of expressing a bodily amount. Items of measure present context for what numerical values ​​signify and thus convey the magnitude of bodily properties. Examples embrace inches, kilograms, ohms, gauss, decibels, kelvins, and nanoseconds.

digitalA: Be nearly like one thing. An object or idea that’s just about actual can be nearly true, or actual, however not fairly. The time period is commonly used to consult with one thing that has been modeled (or executed) by a pc utilizing numbers quite than elements of the actual world. Thus, the digital motor will be seen on a pc display screen and examined by laptop programming (nevertheless it won’t be a 3D gadget fabricated from metallic). (in computing) Issues which might be executed by means of digital processing and/or the Web. For instance, a digital convention may very well be a spot the place folks attended whereas searching by means of the Web.

whale: A standard however quite imprecise time period for a category of huge ocean-dwelling mammals. This group contains dolphins and guinea pigs.

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