Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ and Support Page. You can contact our support team directly for the following reasons:

1. Problems with your account
2. Problems with the website
3. Feedback and Suggestions on new features.

If you are from the Press or representing any kind of media, please contact our Press Office.

If you wish to submit your own article to the website, please click the blue “Add an Article” button on the navigation.

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What is SearchBuzz?

SearchBuzz is a Human Powered News Aggregator, which means we use human edited content in regards to trends from all around the web and make it available in one place. We then link out back to the sources allowing other sites to gain new relevant visitors, as well as benefit us.

Why SearchBuzz?

There are so many aggregators out there that use machine and automated content. These posts do not contain emotion and can’t tell when a news story is about something good or bad. This keeps them very generic and although they are capable of hosting a lot more content, they are not of the same editorial quality that is available from a site such as ours. That is why I created SearchBuzz, to make a difference to the world of news aggregation. The name comes from the buzz of the search engines, meaning what is currently being searched for the most. The biggest searches at any time are always going to be the latest trends.

Why do you have short articles?

We have short articles that are between 100-150 words. This is because there is so much to do in your busy day and you need quick fix news. No longer do we have the time to read an entire newspaper, we want to consume as much news as possible in the shortest time possible. Our summary style of posts allows you to do that on a massive scale. How many of our articles can you consume within an hour?

Why are you using a .co domain?

.com domains are running out, and .co is now recognized in the same way by search engines as a .com domain, meaning there is no issues with using one. It allowed us to have something more unique that would have costed a lot more as a .com or .net domain because they are already taken and being resold. .co domains are still fairly new and some cool domains are still available.

How do I submit an article?

On any page of the website you will see our navigation bar which shows the different categories. Simply navigate to the blue button that says “Add an Article” and it will guide you through how to submit content to SearchBuzz. Remember there is one key point, and that is that what you submit is related to trending content.

Can I add my company to your website?

You can indeed. You can do this in two ways. You can either submit your own startup with a description of how you are related to a current trend and then keep us updated with news about your startup. Or you can add your editorial or publishing company and regularly summarize the content that you write about which is related to current trends in our covered categories.

Can I add pictures?

You can add pictures to your summaries the same way that you write an article for us. We currently only support one picture per article to keep everything to the point, so try and use the most relevant image and upload that as the featured image.

How do you know what is trending?

We have a range of tools, both online and software based, and we also do a lot of communication to keep ahead of the trends and analyse what is about to be big in the search engines. Most of these tools are free as well; it’s how you use them that makes them perfect and vital to the success of a website like ours.

How do I advertise on SearchBuzz?

You can check out our Advertise Page, or you can navigate to our Direct Sales page at BuySellAds. Our stats are regularly updated from those pages as well as key facts to see if we are a right fit for your business to advertise with.

Do you have a Privacy Policy?

We do indeed, and you can read it here.

Will you add new categories to the website?

We add new categories to the website all the time when a new trend becomes available. This could be a particular celebrity or sporting event. Once that trend is no longer massively popular, we place that content into the most relevant category, such as Sport or the Celebrity category. The main categories themselves won’t change much, unless we get the opportunity to expand into enough content for that area.

What are the Related Links?

At the end of each article, we recommend content to you. Some of this content is on SearchBuzz, and other content is trends from around the web which we receive a small payment for when a user accesses it. This type of native advertising is becoming increasingly popular and all major news sites have it, even if you don’t notice it.

Do you have a Cookie Policy?

We do indeed because we are based in the UK and a new EU Law passed meant we had to warn users when we store cookie files. All EU websites have to do this, and you can read our Cookie Policy here.

Can I follow you on Social Media?

You sure can, and we’d love you to. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest.

Are you hiring?

We are not currently hiring at this time, but will let you know of any opportunities becoming available by social media.