About SearchBuzz

Welcome to SearchBuzz. We are a Human Powered News Aggregator. This means we do not use any automation or machine generated content on our website to aggregate the trending news from around the web. Many other services offer lots of quantity, but lack the quality because their automation is not capable of understanding humour or emotion, something that you will find within our aggregated posts. All of our posts are between 100-150 words and will summarize the story they are related to, along with a Source link so you can read the full story. We also have an articles section on SearchBuzz where you can put those lengthy stories that are just too big to be aggregated.

Our homepage constantly changes depending on what is currently trending on the web. This means we take all the buzz from the search engines (thus the name) and order it in terms of how popular it is, with a category for each trending topic. This allows you to have easy access to current trends are read all related content that matches that topic. This can range from a current trending celebrity, to breaking news or a funny picture that has gone super viral.

It can be hard to keep track of everything that is trending from such a diverse range of categories and topics, and that is why we allow you to get involved. You will notice that you are able to “Add Articles” to the website, allowing you to not only get your exposure out but also have the source link directly back to your website, boosting your traffic. We can however of course only accept content that is related to current trends, and you will find all the guidelines and suggestions on the “Add Article” page.

Here at SearchBuzz we’d love to change the way the world reads the news, and make it easier for you to consume all you need during your busy daily life. Nobody has time to read a newspaper anymore, but you have the time to consume our summaries so you know exactly what is happening, wherever you are in the world.