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Charging Paused – Voltage too High – Trending issue on Galaxy S2

UPDATE: This issue has been solved in the comments. Please scroll down and read the comments.

The Galaxy S2 is a great phone, and some note it as Samsungs Flagship device, meaning that there are a lot of people around the world who own one. This means more people are affected when an issue arises, and one has arisen which as of yet has no fix.

The phone charges perfectly and then when it is disconected from the charge, the phone seems to think it is still charging. This problem is affecting me personally, and I have been trying to find a fix on the internet for a couple of days now with no luck. It started when I use a plug point at a place I was staying, when I usually use the one at my house, but why should a different plug cause such an issue?

Many people are having the same problem, and have denoted it as an ICS issue, meaning that the phone has upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 and is now suffering from technical issues because of it. People have suggested re-wiring the USB port and everything, but I do not see this being a hardware issue. I feel the best thing we can do is wait for the next Ice Cream update to come along, and then see if that solves the issue, which hopefully it will.

Other people have suggested rooting the device, meaning to install a custom operating system known as  ROM onto the device, with VK ROM being the one suggested. Quite frankly this opens your device up to security threats and even more technical issues, and I do not recommend it.

I also tried what was said on Samsung’s Facebook page by a staff member called George, which was the following:

Remove the battery for at least 40 minutes, put the battery back in and allow it to fully discharge, afterwards do a full charge with it turned off; do not interrupt it.

After this has been performed we would like you to perform a full factory reset which can be done via Settings > Back up and reset.

Sadly this did not work, and the issue still remains.

Do you have a fix for this issue? Post a comment below.

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