Menthol Cigarettes Carry Greater Health Risk than Regular Ones


On Tuesday the Food and Drug Administration of America reaffirmed findings of an agency committee two years ago, by saying that menthol flavored cigarettes potentially carry a greater risk to public health than standard ones. This may lead to increased regulations on them in the future. While the FDA found that there is “little evidence” that menthol cigarettes are actually more toxic than non-menthol flavored cigarettes, they are easier to get addicted to and harder to quit due to the way the mint flavor masks the harshness of tobacco. Within its  153-page “preliminary scientific evaluation” the FDA stopped short of proposing regulations or an all-out ban. Instead it has said it will seek public input before deciding how to move forward on the issue. Menthol-flavored cigarettes have long been controversial in the U.S. due to societal groups which favor them, notably African-Americans and teenagers. Nearly 80% of black smokers prefer menthol, and nearly half of all young smokers. Do you think flavored cigarettes should be banned?


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