Marissa Mayer Puts Yahoo! Back on Track With ‘Google Plan’


Marissa Mayer, CEO at internet giant Yahoo!, jumped ship from arch rival Google to help put Yahoo! back on track after years of dwindling fortunes. A year on from her move and it seems that this was an excellent hire for the company, as things are definitely improving. During the past year Mayer has been committed to restructuring Yahoo! into a leaner, sleeker and more competitive company. Part of these plans have been to push into the mobile internet sector and to acquire other big name companies, including a huge $1 billion buy of Tumblr. Mayer’s plan for her second year in charge of the company is to remodel Yahoo! in the style of Google. After shareholders at the company‚Äôs half-year results were told by Mayer about this new Google inspired direction, shares in Yahoo! jumped almost 10%. Although Google was not directly referenced, the audience was told that Yahoo! is working to make its search engine simpler and more beautiful. This seems like a clear indicator that Yahoo! aims to remodel itself on Google, the company that usurped its search engine dominance with its simple to use design. Can Yahoo! really ever challenge Google again in search?



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