Kevin Rudd Cuts Himself Shaving Then Shares on Social Media


People in the public eye including actors, musicians, tv stars, seem to enjoy sharing strange and often stupid things on social media sites just as much as the non-famous. The difference is that most of the time when an ordinary member of the public does, these silly Tweets, Instagram pics and Facebook posts go completely unnoticed.

When you are the prime minister of Australia though, whatever you share on social media is bound to get picked up by the press, especially if it is something out of the ordinary. It is not clear why Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd decided to post a photo of himself on Instagram with a shaving cut this morning.


Not content with the photo just appearing on Instagram, he also Tweeted a link to the photo on Twitter.

Along with the picture both his Instagram post and Tweet came with important advice from the enlightened leader: “”Note to self: when rushing out the door in the morning, make sure you take care with the razor. It is sharp.” If you are unaware that your razor is sharp, I’m not really sure if you should be shaving in the first place. Although Mr. Rudd was in such a rush he still seems to have had time to post this photo and ‘advice’.

Is this a stupid social media blunder or just a bit of fun?

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