Venezuela Expecting Edward Snowden Asylum


NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden who at one point traveled from Hawaii where he worked to stay in a Hong Kong hotel, and is now in a flux in Moscow airport, awaits asylum. After a number of asylum requests rejections, it seems that his appeal to Venezuela is all going smoothly so far. Venezuela is one of a few Latin American countries that seem open to accepting Snowden. On Monday the country’s President Nicolas Maduro said this on the issue: ”We have received the asylum request letter. He will have to decide when he flies, if he finally wants to fly here…We told this young man, ‘you are being persecuted by the empire, come here.” Venezuela alongside Bolivia and Nicaragua, have indicated that they would grant Snowden asylum if they were asked. It seems that Venezuela at least is making good on its promise, as it has indicated that it has received a request for asylum there. If all goes to plan for Snowden he could just be a plane ride away from safety from the grasp of US authorities. For its part the US has already sent an extradition request to Venezuela despite Snowden not being there yet. Snowden has reasoned that: ”it is unlikely I would receive a fair trial or proper treatment [in the US],” and flying home brings the risk of “possibility of life in prison or even death.” What do you think should happen to Edward Snowden?


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