Candy Crush Saga Sucks in $633,000 Cash Per Day


Sometimes it feels like I’m the only person not using a smart phone, as for the moment I’m still stuck with my old Nokia N73. It has served me well over the years though, and is still working perfectly, but I can’t help feeling a tinge of phone envy when I see a brand new iPhone or Galaxy. In some ways I think I’m quite lucky not being able to download all these addictive apps though, which can take up considerable time and cash. Candy Crush Saga sucks in $633,000 cash per day for King, its British creator, which amounts to a whopping $230 million per year! Clearly this is not from a small number of users but many millions of addicted Candy Crush players. About 45 million play the game on Facebook each month, making it the most popular game on the site. It is also the most downloaded mobile game on both Android and Apple devices, and the top-grossing mobile app. No wonder it is making all that money. The app falls into the “freemium” category of software, in that it is free to download initially. It is a very sneaky business model as it draws in users. Once hooked though, there are charges for some players unable to complete the game for free. King claim that 70% of users do not have to pay to complete the game, but of course that still leaves 30% spending loads to get their Candy Crush kicks. Are you addicted to any apps?


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