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Breaking Bad Name Maker

Breaking Bad Allows You to Make Your Own Name From Their Logo

UPDATE: Someone has posted a way to get the name generator working.

The Name Generator is still hidden on the Breaking Bad page but someone in the comments posted this URL which links directly to the App on the Breaking Bad page. It still goes weird at 82% and says there is an error, but in the background it still finishes and generates both a profile picture and cover photo for you to use. Here is my cover photo that was generated. The hashtag #allthingsmustcometoanend is also on the pictures.


UPDATE: It seems the name generator broke and was getting stuck on 82% – It has now been removed from the Breaking Bad Facebook page. Shame.

Breaking Bad is awesome, and now they are even more awesome as anybody can make their name out of their logo. A new app that was released today on the Breaking Bad Facebook Page allows you to “cook” your name, and have it appear similar to the famous logo we have all grown to love. It’s a great way for the guys over at AMC to remind us that the final episodes are coming on August 11th, where the Breaking Bad finale will actually happen. We wrote about how it may end.


Source: [Facebook]

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