PS4 has Advantages Including GDDR5 Technology


When it comes to Next Generation Gaming Technology, the hardware within the console needs to be top notch. The PS4 seems to understand this, but the Xbox One seems to be lagging behind. That could be because multimedia streaming does not require as much technology in the hardware as true games do. The route of the Xbox One being more of a media system than a games console is becoming more evident by the day. It has now been revealed in an interview that the Playstation 4 console will have a whopping 8GB GDDR5 RAM. That’s enough for some serious gaming, and for processes within the game to run as smoothly as possible. It will be better for larger open world environments that have lots going on. (GTA 5) It has also been revealed earlier that the PS4 will have a 50% power advantage from the CPU, giving overall better performance than the Xbox One can offer. It seems Sony will take the gamers by storm this time round.


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