Can Morris the Cat Become a Mayor in Mexico?


A lot of people are fed up with politicians and many people feel any vote is a wasted vote as it can seem that very little changes no matter who you vote for. This feeling has been taken to the extreme in the state of Veracruz in Mexico, where upcoming local elections are to be held on July 7th. Two men especially fed up with the usual poor quality of politicians that get voted in have proposed a cat named Morris as the citizen’s candidate. The campaign slogan of Morris the cat is “Xalapa Without Rats” and is already beginning to build considerable momentum. Can Morris the cat become a mayor in Mexico?


Morris has a number of simple election promises “Morris says he promises to do what other politicians do, which is sleep and do nothing. He has also stated that while he also messes up, he at least has the decency to cover up his mess and not leave it laying around where people can step on it.” The cat and its ‘pledges’ have struck a real chord with the locals in Veracruz and this is being shown on the internet.

Amazingly it seems that Morris could actually win the local elections as his Facebook page already has more likes than 3 of the 4 main candidates and is set to overtake his main rival, the candidate for PRI in a short time. Morris is becoming a local and national sensation and is being covered by state, local and national media. His candidacy is seen as a way for people to protest against the officials that normally get elected and show their frustration with the political process.

Of course it also doesn’t hurt that Morris is a cat and as we already know people seem to go wild for cats both offline and online. Whether or not people actually vote for a cat though when the elections actually take place remains to be seen but it is sure to have got the political classes in Mexico worried if they are being beaten by cats.

Would you vote for Morris?

Source: [CNN]

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