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What Do Daft Punk Really Look Like?

Ever since the inception of world-famous electronic act Daft Punk, the French duo  Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter behind the signature robot helmets have sought to hide their appearance. During their early years the two would usually wear masks or occasionally preferred to be replaced by animation in their music videos or have their faces digitally obscured for press kits.



As the duo’s fame increased and they became more publicly visible they managed to maintain their privacy by dressing as futuristic robots for publicity photo shoots, interviews, live shows and music videos. Very few images have ever appeared publicly of the duo without their disguise which has left many wondering what do Daft Punk Really look like? The mysterious duo’s real faces are revealed in the photo below:


This photo of Daft Punk without their robot exterior was snapped by fellow electronic music duo The Knocks while they played Champagne beer pong at Columbia Records. Since then The Knocks removed the photo and wrote “Guess we weren’t supposed to post that pic.” It is too late though as the mystery has been destroyed and everyone can see what Daft Punk really look like. After so many years of mystery this image has come as a bit of a let-down to some music fans as shown in various comments online.

Are you disappointed with what Daft Punk really look like?

Source: [MSN Now]

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