Grand Theft Auto V Will Feature Real Time Weather Effects


Storms are great fun to watch. Sitting there peacefully and suddenly that thunder strikes and rumbles your entire house. Living by the sea a few years ago, I used to watch a number of storms over the ocean, which was great fun. Now these visual dreams are coming true once again, but in an upcoming title I am very much looking forward to in the gaming world. Grand Theft Auto V is set to feature real-time weather effects, meaning that you see waves crashing against the sea walls, and storms as you drive down those long dark roads.


Thankfully it seems that these weather effects will not feature in an expansion pack, much like The Sims franchise seems to enjoy doing. We won’t be seeing Grand Theft Auto V: Seasons Expansion Pack any time soon. It will however seem like The Sims on steroids once you finish the storyline and free roam your way around the whole map, much like the previous titles. Most of my time in San Andreas was listening to the Top Gun theme tune whilst blitzing through the skies in a fighter jet shooting down any incoming bogeys. I was the Maverick of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and it seems that it will be possible within GTA V too. Let’s hope those storms don’t cause any issues with the electronics within the air vehicles!

GameStop first broke the news from their Twitter account:


What is your favourite upcoming feature of Grand Theft Auto V?

Source: [Stick Skills]

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