Xbox One Pre-Orders Break Blockbuster Record


The Xbox One was only recently announced, yet pre-orders can already be made. The PS4 seems to be gathering more hype before allowing pre-orders, but this falls into the common way of Sony. Microsoft have taken a different approach, and a new record has been set.


The Xbox One has become the most pre-ordered item ever. Well, at Blockbuster anyways. The item has become the most pre-ordered item ever in the companies 24 year history. They are lucky they got any at all, considering their business appears to be struggling rather a lot recently.

This could help bring Blockbuster back into the forefront. This could be until Amazon turns round and shows how many pre-orders they have received once the item is listed for pre-order on their site. You can of course sign up for email updates from Amazon to be notified of when the item will become available. If you are in the UK however, be careful they don’t use City Link, or Yodel, or any crappy courier service for that matter.

Have you pre-ordered your Xbox One yet?

Source: [MCV UK]

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