30x Multiplier Max on Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is becoming a well known game on the Apple store. Thousands of downloads since release, and although there are a few bugs, the game is great and when the update comes out and fixes these bugs, it will be near perfect for a quick fix of Temple Run endless runner style fun.

I have personally been playing this game quite a lot and playing through the missions that are available. Sadly, a lot of them I have had to pay to skip with gold coins I have earnt playing the game for a long period of time, because some of the missions are things like “Complete 4 daily challenges”, which not only has to take 4 days, but there is a bug on the game that is stopping the daily challenges from refreshing, so its stuck on the same day’s one.

Nevertheless, I have continued to play the game and I am now at a 30x multiplier from completing 29 missions. There are now no more missions available, showing that the maximum you can earn is 30x multiplier.

However, when the update comes, this could change and we could see a higher multiplier becoming available. This would be good, as it is hard to get that million score without it. My current highscore is 670k, what about yours?