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How Much is Tonight’s PowerBall Jackpot?

The PowerBall lottery is sweeping the nation of the United States once again, with another huge jackpot becoming available. Tonight’s drawing is for a total of $360 Million, making it the third largest jackpot of all time. That’s a huge amount of money to be won, and it is causing a large amount of last minute tickets being purchased. The huge jackpot has swelled after a popular drawing over the weekend not bringing out a winner even though a large amount of tickets were purchased.


If somebody was able to match all 5 numbers and the red powerball, they would could walk away with a before-tax option of $229 million. The largest ever Powerball jackpot was for $587 million last November.

Jackpot’s have been getting bigger after the price of a Powerball ticket doubled to $2 from the initial $1. This has not put off people buying tickets, but has actually increased sales because the jackpot’s are getting so high, and there is so much more money to be won.

If nobody wins tonight, then this jackpot is going to really break some more records. Do you have your ticket? Afterall the chances of winning are one in 175,000,000.

Source: [ABC News]

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