Why was Fast and Furious 6 Filmed in Glasgow?


Fast and Furious 6 is set to be one of the biggest films of the summer. Release date for the cinemas is just a couple of days away on the 17th May. Personally I am waiting until next week so I can use my Orange Wednesdays.

One of the big news that is trending about the film is not the action, the tanks or the fact that Dwayne Johnson’s biceps have got even bigger, but the fact that parts of the film were filmed in not so sunny Glasgow up in Scotland.


Vin Diesel has stated that Glasgow was ‘perfect’ for shooting the film. The shots were done in the summer time last year, to ensure that there was atleast some brightness. The filming was done around the Broomielaw area, and high speed car chases, explosions and more were all done there. Did anyone see it? I suppose that if you did see it, you would never expect that it would be for the upcoming blockbuster hit.

The director of the film, Justin Lee, has stated that Glasgow made the cast feel very welcome, where other cities did not. They made it possible to film stunts and have a lot of fun where other cities wanted to go about their normal days, and this made Glasgow the ideal place to be for filming.

Justin Lee also said that there were large crowds of people around who wanted to watch the filming, and that some recordings appeared on YouTube. How we did not hear about this already I don’t even know. It’s news to us all here about the filming being done in Glasgow.

Glasgow have actually been welcome to other films being done in the Scottish city. Recently they helped to film World War Z starring Brad Pitt, and a Sci Fi film called Cloud Atlas. It seems this may not be the last time we see some awesome movies being developed in the city. Have your phones handy people, as you may get a YouTube hit.

Source: [STV]

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