LucasArts Closes Down, Titles Cancelled


LucasArts has been developing great gaming titles since 1982, but today staff were involved in a shutdown which appears to related to a recent acquisition where Disney Purchased LucasFilm as part of a major purchase of the Star Wars film series in order to create Episode VII.


Two games are currently in development and they have now been cancelled by Disney, and these were Star Wars: First Assault and Star Wars: 1313. Disney has reported however that current titles could be licensed out to another developer. They did not state if that means games that you already playing in order to allow updates or expansions, or the games that are currently in development, so that we may have a chance of actually being able to play them.

The LucasArts firm is transforming from a games developer to a games licenser, even though a source has stated that there is a slim chance titles will be licensed out. Due to this change there have been layoffs across the organization.

This comes as a big shame as Star Wars: 1313 looks like a promising title and there was a lot of interest from the public when particular trailers were released. We have attached one of these trailers below.


That video received over 2 million views on YouTube, and the current most popular comments on the video are negative towards Disney for the closure of the title. Have they made a mistake in losing a title which could of made them a large profit and kept the Star Wars name going within the gaming industry? It would have been nice to run that alongside the release of Episode VII to bring the Star Wars hype back to the nation once again.

Were you looking forward to the release of 1313? Let us know your thoughts on this big gaming news in a comment below.

Source: [Kotaku]

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