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How To Cook Guinea Pig

It was revealed today that environmentalists suggest eating guinea pig. I saw this as a great opportunity to reveal some great ways that you can cook your very own guinea pig, although we suggest if your child has one as a pet, you don’t eat that one, as it could cause some upset when you place it on their dinner plate.


So, after some research I came across a few methods for getting the most out of your small piece of meat.

The first recommended way is to marinade your guinea pig in beer overnight and then cook it on a barbecue grill. The overnight marinade will allow the meat to suck in all of the beer and flavour the meat amazingly well, and cooking on the barbecue with the beer sucked inside will ensure a moist centre with a crispy skin outside which I imagine will be delicious. Suck My Trend Office barbecue this summer anyone?

Another marinade following the same method of cooking is with orange juice and garlic. This will give your guinea pig a zesty and fruity taste, similar to the least hot nandos sauce.

You can also rub some herbs into your raw guinea pig, and then batter in eggs, flour and water. Fry it then alonsgside some cheap white wine to bring out that amazing flavour from within.

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