Israeli Messe Kopp’s Incredible New Video ‘Forward’ is Trending on YouTube


A lot of things get called awesome or incredible on the net these days, and some are definitely over-hyped. You may be sceptical therefore when you see web content described in this way, but the latest work by Israeli video artist Messe Kopp entitled ‘Forward’ is incredible. Once you watch it you will probably see why it is nearing 1.5 million YouTube views in the two days since it was posted!


The video was filmed in Jerusalem in amongst ordinary members of the public, with Israeli video artist Messe Kopp seeming to move forward while everyone around him moves backwards. Everything is not as it seems though and this video will challenge your perceptions as you try to get your head around what is going on and how this was filmed. Even more amazing is that this was filmed in one single take!

Do you think this video is incredible or over-hyped?

Source: [TNT]

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