Taylor Swift Disses Harry Styles – #GrammysDrama



Over the years, the Grammy Awards Show and all of its hype has become less about the actual awards and nominations and the focus has been turned to fashion, performances, and celebrity drama. Past, present, and controversial celebrity couples are usually front and center attention at the event and Sunday night’s show was no exception.

Taylor Swift kicked off the night with a snarky rendition of her own song, “We Are Never Getting Back Together”. As with most of Taylor Swift’s hits, this song was supposedly written after her nasty breakup with actor, Jake Gyllenhaal. Her performance at the awards show, however, ┬áseemed to be in reference to her latest breakup with ex-boyfriend and One Direction singer, Harry Styles.

In the middle section of the song, Taylor adlibs a line – as if she were talking to a friend on the phone. Purposefully switching the tone for the show, Taylor said in a clear British male accent, “So he calls me up and says I still love you. But I said, I’m sorry, I’m busy opening up the Grammys.” For those familiar with the nature of Taylor’s songs, this came as no surprise. Her relationship with Harry Styles lasted a mere two months and ended in the bitter way as the rest. In a recent interview with Vibe Magazine, Swift explains that she loves the idea of love, but values her independence. She goes on to say that a part of her “…just wants to be alone.”


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