Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Dominate Charts with ‘Thrift Shop’


US rapper Ben Haggerty better known as Macklemore and producer Ryan Lewis have scored an unlikely US and  global hit with latest song ‘Thrift Shop’ which celebrates thrifty shopping.


‘Thrift Shop’ is currently holding the Number 1 spot in the singles charts in the US, Australia, Canada, France and New Zealand and stands at Number 2 in the UK Top 40 singles chart.

The song is currently dominating the charts in the US including the R&B, Rap and Spotify charts,  and most importantly it is sitting at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. This is a massive achievement for Haggerty and Lewis and is even more impressive considering that they are still signed to an independent rather than a major record label.

Here is the video to ‘Thrift Shop’ which has been viewed over 81 million times on YouTube!


The song has largely been pushed along through digital sales and streaming, including beating out the previous streaming record holder, Gotye’s ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ by a narrow margin.

Haggerty believes the reason the song seems to have gone viral is it is so different from most other hip-hop music at the moment. Far from trying to fit in it stands out from the crowd with a unique sound. According to the Seattle-based rapper in a recent interview: “There’s a certain sound that has kind of flooded the mainstream airwaves as far as hip-hop music”.

He continued to add that: “The beat doesn’t sound anything like that, the lyrics are kind of completely polar opposite from what you hear from most commercial rap records and it’s got a hook that’s very catchy. So I think that you combine those three things and it equates to an original sounding song that’s refreshing to the audience that hears it.”

Of course the song is an extremely catchy sound with catchy lyrics and a humorous video, but perhaps ‘Thrift Shop’s’ massive success can be attributed to wider issues. People are really starting to feel the financial pinch of this age of austerity and perhaps this is why Haggerty and Lewis’ song has really taken off with the public. Perhaps people really are starting to realise they can’t afford to carry on spending on clothes, especially just for the label.

Haggerty himself has claimed that he and Lewis never could have imagined this song would become so popular but believes this may be tapping into wider issues associated to individuality and the current obsession with labels and expensive clothing.

“The more expensive the better is kind of the American way and if you spent $600 for a sweatshirt, then that makes it better,” Haggerty said. “And I don’t necessarily think that’s the case. If it’s a $600 sweatshirt that’s fresh, that’s fantastic if it looks great. But to me to just pay a ridiculous amount of money for something just because of the logo isn’t creative and it’s just unfortunate that people equate spending money to style.”

What do you think about this song? Does it have an important message about society’s obsession with expensive consumption?

Source [Yahoo Finance]

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