Temple Run 2 has “Objectives” Bug – Shown Twice and Wrong Statistics


temple_run_2_bugTemple Run 2 is suffering from a bug which means that lifetime objectives are being shown twice, such as “running for a total of 1 million metres”. Also, some objectives which have already been completed are still being shown, when in fact there should be an additional objective put in it’s place. I am suffering from this bug myself, and the associated screenshot with this article shows how I am. That objective about the Million Metres has actually already been done and awarded for, and no matter how much I run, it stays at that point, so it’s stuck there. The other two objectives which are remaining are to collect 500,000 coins, and these are showing different values, even though it is the same objective. I assume that this is because there are no more objectives after these ones are complete, so the game has tried to put something in it’s place but put the same objective again.

We can expect a bug fix from the developers soon. Keep checking your app updates.

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