Superbowl XLVII is Tonight at 6PM


The Superbowl is back, live from New Orleans, Louisiana tonight starting from 6PM Eastern Time on TV and Online Streams. It’s going to be in New Orleans which is still a damaged area after Hurricane Katrina hit. Things are on the mend, but it’s still obvious from the area that there is lots to do. Hopefully having the Superbowl there will help the area to receive funds to repair itself even more. A lot of business will be driven around the event as many people visit the area, and of course the millions watching at home and online will be able to see the area and perhaps enter the aids that are still in place. The Superbowl tonight is between the Baltimore Ravens and the 49ers. Of course, being one of the biggest sporting events in America each year, this has become a massive searched trend on the internet today and has become today’s talked about topic on Suck My Trend.

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