PlayStation 4 to be Revealed on February 20th?


We asked you about three weeks ago Is it too Early for the Playstation 4 and Xbox 720? Many people, including the writers here at the Suck My Trend could not have anticipated quite how early gamers would be able to glimpse these consoles though. It seems that for Sony at least, the release of the PlayStation 4 could not be soon enough with the technology giant having sent out an invite for a special February 20th event, stating that attendees will “see the future” of PlayStation!



The PS4 was not expected to be announced officially until the next E3 gaming expo in LA in June, so this news has come as a welcome surprise for gamers. Unsurprisingly there have been many excited reactions on the web to this latest announcement by Sony.

Sources have revealed that Sony will reveal the PS4 to attendees of this event, with the console being made available for release in time for Christmas.

This all sounds extremely exciting for avid and casual gamers alike. The release of a next generation console is always an anticipated event due to the possibility of even more amazing graphical possibilities and enhanced game play, and innovative interaction with games. Sony has consistently delivered with its consoles and games and it is likely PlayStation 4 will continue this proud gaming tradition for the company and be a smash hit when it hits stores at the end of 2013.

Here is some of the Buzz on Twitter following the news:

Forbes Tech News  @ForbesTech

With Sony set to reveal Playstation 4, when will Microsoft respond?

Digital Spy  @digitalspy

Sony’s #PlayStation 4 will reportedly introduce more social aspects to gaming.

Steve May  @SteveMay_UK

So, the #PlayStation4 to be unveiled on Feb 20, eh? If this doesn’t herald a new era of 4K gaming I’ll eat my Vita.

2013 is going to be a massive year for gaming. Make sure to check out to continue to check out the Suck My Trend for all the latest gaming news and announcements.

Are you excited to check out what the PlayStation 4 is capable of?

Source [MSN news]

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