Temple Run 2 Review

temple_run_scoreI wasn’t super quick on this review of the hit mobile game, Temple Run 2 because I was waiting patiently for the Android release for my Samsung Galaxy S2. Now that it has finally arrived, I have found myself able to get a score of just over 11 million after playing for a couple of days, and now I am saving my coins for the rest of the upgrades. There is a lot going on this simple yet effective and fun game.

The graphics have had a massive overhaul since the first Temple Run. As soon as you click on the totem you are thrown into a beautiful landscape in which you must run away from the monster chasing you, and jump, duck and swipe from side to side to survive the landscape, with the game getting faster all the time. There are hills now rather than just a flat surface, and a lot more going on within the landscape. There is also a mine section which you will randomly find yourself in, where you must move your device from side to side to avoid crashing off the tracks and into the junctions. When the game gets really fast, these are the hardest sections to do.

Powerups and Characters
As you keep playing you will unlock new powerups and have enough coins to unlock new characters. The different characters don’t play any different but they allow you to use different powerups, such as collecting a bunch of coins when you fill the meter, a sprint, or if you can reach level 9, gain 2 gems. You won’t gain level 9 until you complete pretty much all of the objectives however.

When you play you can complete particular tasks to complete objectives. Every few objectives completed will level you up, offering you a bonus of coins which you can spend on new abilities. Some of the objectives at the start are easy to gain, but some are pretty hard, such as gaining 10 million points in a single run, and running 10,000 metres.

As mentioned, you can spend your hard earned coins on abilities. These will allow you game experience to be better and get you higher scores. You can purchase score modifiers, or make it cost less to use a headstart. Each ability has 5 sections to unlock which cost more and more coins, but offer you more advantages during gameplay. It may take quite a while to unlock them all.


It keeps you playing
The brilliant thing about Temple Run is it keeps you playing. Once I finish these objectives and unlock all the characters, powerups and abilities, I will be able to compete and constantly try to get a high score.

Overall I really enjoy this new Temple Run game. I was worried that it was going to struggle being the sequel to an already successful game, but amazingly they have made something brilliant, even better. With millions of downloads on Android and Apple devices, we can expect Imangi, the developers behind the title, to be making some nice revenue from those gamers who wish to purchase gems or coins to skip the long grind for all of those lovely abilities.