Ray Lewis Accused of Using Deer Spray to Heal Wound


Ray Lewis has an injury which put him out of the NFL for almost half a season. He had a torn triceps and this meant he was unable to compete in the games he would of been a big part of. Perhaps this got to him too much and he turned to desperate measures, attempting to use Deer Antler Spray to heal the wound, even though this is against the regulations of the NFL. Ray Lewis currently plays for the Baltimore Ravens.


Lewis was asked directly if he had used the illegal spray to heal his injury at all this season and he replied:

“Nah, never.”

His coach John Harbaugh is not worried about these reports hitting the press because:

“Ray has passed every test for substance abuse that he’s taken throughout his entire career,”

That’s good enough for most people, but whilst he was off for an injury, was he still being tested?

Do you think Ray would have risked his career and used this substance that was not allowed under NFL regulations? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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