Could THQ of Survived if it Went Digital?




Well it seems that THQ is now laying off 240 jobs and the company is a struggling games development. However, many appear to feel that the company could have survived in the future of gaming developments as more titles take the digital approach. Sadly THQ was not ready to go down this route, and although you can buy many THQ titles in digital sales such as on Steam as a collection pack, there is still a huge focus on physical games being sold in stores, even when game stores are struggling enough as it is themselves.

It is not yet confirmed whether or not THQ will be able to hold on with a small team and then build up again, but perhaps they should have had more focus on the mobile development side of things where sales are purely digital. Many more users are going portable and the gaming industry big names need to constantly adapt and come up with new ideas if they have any chance of surviving.

These new ideas need to be big changes that shock the gamers and keep the sales rolling.

Do you think THQ could of held on? Let us know in the comments below.

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