Are Fall Out Boy Reuniting?

Rumours have been circulating all over the web this week in regards to a reunion by Fall Out Boy. However, nobody seems to know whether or not it is true just yet. Multiple ‘credible’ sources have noted that they are reuniting and that it has been confirmed. These include PropertyOfZack who state:

“PropertyOfZack has confirmed with several trusted sources that Fall Out Boy are reuniting after a three year-plus hiatus. Fans should expect an official announcement in the near future. “


However, sites such as Artist Direct have stated that it is not infact true, and that the guitarist in the band has even confirmed that there will be no reunion via Twitter. Artist Direct noted this:

“Rumors began to circulate that the on-hiatus pop-punkers Fall Out Boy would be reuniting for a few festival shows in 2013. Not so, said guitarist Joe Trohman, who took to Twitter to destroy the hopes and dreams of FOB fans.”

We tracked down that tweet:

“The rumors are still untrue, unreal & totally outta this world! *shreds gnar, does surf’s up hand signal*. Seriously, it’s not going down.”

So the band themselves have confirmed that they are not reuniting, however as Artist Direct points out, the band may not want the public to know the truth just yet, and have decided to keep denying the facts until they release a new song. Artists and Bands are always undergoing creative ways to release new material, such as Justin Timberlakes cryptic message before he released his new song.

Do you think the rumours are true? Could Fall Out Boy really be reuniting? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: [Artist Direct]