Dexter’s Laboratory ‘Rude Removal’ Episode Finally Airs


An episode of Dexter’s Laboratory has been banned for 14 years, but now finally it has aired, with a high number of “beeps” throughout.


Watch an Unaired Dexter’s Lab: Dexter’s Rude Removal: Dexter’s latest invention is going to give the censor “bleep” quite a workout.

The amazing thing is the video is unlisted on YouTube, meaning that only people with the link can watch it. This is a great way of seeing how viral a video has gone and how much it has been shared around the internet. The video has already pulled in a million videos, which is personally the highest I have ever seen on an unlisted title.


Have you seen it yet? We have linked to it ourselves now, so you can watch it too with the embed above, or here on YouTube.

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