J.J Abrams to Direct Star Wars Episode 7


It has been revealed this week that J.J Abrams will be the director of the upcoming Star Wars Film, called Episode VII. Lucasfilms and Walt Disney will be working together to craft the amazing title, and it is set to be a huge film hit considering the success of the previous Star Wars films. The entire story has completed and come together leaving a six film saga, but now it will continue on past Return of the Jedi and Darth Vader’s death into what we could only assume to be a new storyline, perhaps with the inclusion of Luke Skywalker.


However, what has made this trending entertainment news story so popular within discussion forums around the internet is the fact that J.J Abrams is the director. He has already worked on titles such as Felicity, and Star Trek, so he has his Sci Fi experience, but also some sexual film experience. Felicity was known as a film to take on Emmanuelle, all around the time the Sexual Revolution was happening. Since then everything has become more sex based from music videos to normal TV programs. We can expect that J.J Abrams will have a very beautiful female lead in the new Star Wars film if he is to continue his directive expertise in the style he is used to.

He also did films liker Cloverfield, which to be honest was a very peculiar and unique film. It will be interesting to see if he can put a unique twist on Star Wars too.

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