Counter Strike is back with a Global Offensive Twist

Counter Strike is one of those games that is known for its classic ways. It is a game that you pick up and play, expecting the graphics to be slightly rubbish and outdated, but you know what you want from the game. Counter Strike Source offers a whole range of custom game modes to keep the FPS style gamer happy. I was  a little shocked when we got access to a new release for a Counter Strike game. Global Offensive had arrived.


For a game that is known for its old ways, a new development would really need to be something good in order to encourage people to make that conversion from one game to the other. I downloaded Counter Strike onto Steam for the PC and tested out all of the game modes to see what all the potential fuss was about.

Overall, it is pretty much the same. There are some great game modes, but these are already well known within Counter Strike. My favourite was the mode where you earn a new gun every time you get a kill. The first person to get a kill with all weapons, last being a knife, is the round winner. It’s ideal because you get to try out all of the weapons and see which one you are best at and prefer, and play this mode on all the different maps too. This always you to try every feature the game offers within around an hour.

I was happy with what the game offered. The other game modes worked well with the classic team deathmatch available. I even managed to solo kill the entire enemy team which I quickly uploaded to YouTube to show off my first person shooter skills, or fluke.

The graphics are slightly better. It is noticeable but in all honesty the developers know that this is not what the gamers care about. Millions of people still play Counter Strike Source and even Counter Strike 1.6. The graphics of these games would be ridiculed in today’s high definition standards, but for being a Counter Strike game it’s as if they are allowed to get away with it.

The game is still very unrealistic. This makes Call of Duty look realistic, and Battlefield, well you will think you are actually at war. The aiming is off, and people can still do all that no-scope rubbish one shot kills with rifles endlessly. However at the same time maps are designed to stop this from happening. In the older CS games, there are always areas where you can snipe directly across the map, but they don’t let you do this in Global Offensive.

On a big plus note, this game is only £11 on Steam. That’s 75% cheaper than Call of Duty Black Ops  2, and it’s definitely worth it if you enjoyed the previous titles and know what to expect from Counter Strike. New gamers may be a little confused.

This article was originally written for The District Post Newspaper.