Need For Speed Meets Burnout in Most Wanted

We all love a racing game that gets our adrenaline rushing. Graphics always have to be spot on, and crash damage always adds that wow factor. Need for Speed seemed to lack damage, and although I really enjoyed their Underground series games, I found the track racing titles were a little bland.

Need for Speed4

Now they have taken a new approach and have joined forces with Criterion, the developers behind the amazing game that is Burnout. The racing game that is known for its insane crashes, damage, nitrous boosts and billboard destruction. Now imagine this game blended in with all of the awesome features that Need for Speed has to offer. This creates the title that we now have, Most Wanted.

Of course, we have had Need for Speed Most Wanted before. The big part of that game being the open world, police chases and insane races. Cars were also extremely fast once they were fully kitted out with turbo boosts galore, with my personal favourite being the GT 40.

Now we have this same title back again, remastered in the same way that Hot Pursuit was. This time round everything is online, so a decent internet connection is going to be required. The whole structure of the game is different from what we have seen before, but it works brilliantly.

You start off in a reasonable car. You can choose to complete some races, or you can drive around smashing up billboards to remind you Burnout is in there somewhere. You can then drive and find a nice car parked up somewhere and simply change to that car and complete the associated races. Each car has its own story if you like, with all contributing to your overall Speed Score.

This speed score is then posted to the leaderboard so that you can compete against all of your friends to be the best. And of course if you are really good, and play around 1000 hours, you will make it onto the overall leaderboards where you can try to gain more points than others all around the world.

The online racing is seamless and everything works like a real world environment where you’d be able to race where you chose. You have the choice to do everything. Start races by accessing your map and quick travelling, or by taking a drive to your location.

Each car you get access to is unique, and as you progress further you will start to find some really amazing cars. Early on we came across the Atom, which is insanely fast but very hard to handle.

As said, the graphics are amazing. That blur effect when you blast the nitrous works brilliantly, and it gives you that Need For Speed meets Burnout adrenaline rush that you crave from a brilliant racing title. This is potentially the best racing game I have played in a long time.

This article was originally written for The District Post Newspaper.