Have a Joyful Killing Spree in Orcs Must Die

There are times where you don’t have the patience for a long and difficult game. You may lead a busy life in a full time job, but still want to have those moments when you can get onto the PC and have a nice session killing some monsters to calm your nerves.


Orcs Must Die is a simple yet fun game where you take on waves of dangerous Orcs to complete each level. The game takes on the castle defence style approach, in 3D and third person of course, and allows you to place spike traps, arrow shooting walls and steam traps all over the map where you see fit. You can then weild your super long greatsword or your bow and arrow and take out as many orcs as possible each wave. If you can kill them all, then you complete the level.

The Orcs will try to kill you if they are close, but their ultimate goal is to get to the ‘rift’, which is a nice shiny portal at the back of each of your maps. You have a set amount of Orcs that can go through this rift each level, and if they all go through you will lose and have to retry. It is your job to protect the rift and by placing traps in strategic locations for each wave, you will find you can defend yourself well.

You are awarded skulls depending on your skills and effort in each level. If you don’t die in the level (you respawn straight away next to the rift), you kill all enemies and not allow any orcs into the portal, you will be awarded 5 skulls. If you let a couple through you will drop to 4, and so on to a minimum of two for simply passing the level. You can use these skulls to purchase upgrades for your traps and weapons allowing them to be more powerful. For example you can add poison to the spike traps which will slow down your enemies for a set amount of time, allowing other traps nearby to take effect.

There are three different difficulties in the game, ranging from novice to expert. In the novice mode you can only gain a maximum of 2 skulls per level so you are limited on how much you can upgrade your traps. The expert mode, known as “nightmare” mode, is only available after completing medium difficulty. This will then allow you to gain another 5 skulls per level and really go crazy with upgrades.

Overall this game is great fun, easy to pick up and play and only around 5-10 minutes per level. For your quick fix of gaming, it is a title like this you need to be looking at. Plus games like this are super cheap too. I got it for only £3.99 in a sale on Steam.

This article was originally written for The District Post Newspaper.