Half Life 2 shows the true power of FPS Gaming

There are plenty of new titles out there with some amazing features, but nothing can beat the classics that have shown the gaming industry how powerful gaming can actually be. Half Life 2 is a perfect example. Rated 96/100 it is one of the highest rated PC games of all time. The graphics are superb, better than a lot of games we play today. The gameplay is sublime and manages to include close quarters combat mixed with puzzles, large open area exploration and difficult boss areas.


The game is long and provides you with many hours of fun. Episode One and Two are also available as expansion packs to this game and provide further enjoyment. There is also the Half Life 2 Lost Coast small addon which is around 20 minutes of gameplay based in one area with a big boss bottle at the end which is always fun to try. I managed it in just underĀ  10 minutes, can you do better?

Reportedly, Half Life 2: Episode Three is also in the development phase so we may see that sometime soon too following the story of Gordon Freeman and his skills with weaponry.

The original Half Life game is also one of the highest rated PC games of all time, and for a sequel to create a game that keeps people happy is a good trait. So many times we see second instalments of games being released and they are nowhere near as good as the first ones. One exception is Grand Theft Auto where every new game that comes out is even better than the last, but that is because Rockstar deliver exactly what we want as gamers.

Half Life 2 allows you to fight not only against armed guards and security personnel who are trying to capture you, but in some levels you will find yourself fighting off waves of zombies and small animals which attach themselves to your head and take control of your brain. On some levels you will feel lost and you will need to use your initiative in order to find the way out and not be taken out by zombies along the way.

The Story behind this game is really good and although the ending leaves on a big cliff-hanger it really gets you in the mood for playing the next instalment of the title. The difficulty also steps up a notch in the final levels and you really start to find yourself needing to take risks and get those good shots in order to make it through to the next checkpoint.

Half Life 2 is one of those games that you look back on and feel proud that you played it. It is one of the collection of any PC Gamer, and the technology on Steam and Valve make the graphics superb.

This article was originally written forĀ The District Post Newspaper.