Sony Dropping Dualshock Design for PS4 Controller

It has been 16 years of the Playstation Dualshock controller that we are so used to. The feel of it is perfect and ideal for gaming, the same way the Xbox Controller has an ergonomic gaming feel.

We doubt Sony will go this far, but it will be bigger than we are used to.

We doubt Sony will go this far, but it will be bigger than we are used to.

According to CVG, Sony are planning to drop the design that we are so used to in order to bring out a new style of controller. There will be biometric sensors on the grips, and even an LCD screen included on it. This is something we have not seen before but could be useful for showing statistics in the game that we would rather not see on the screen.

For example, one way this could work would be in a shooting game. Your ammo count and equipment and health would be shown on the LCD screen, and then the gaming monitor experience would  be full screen and appear more realistic without the borders around the outside showing us information. Of course this is just me speculating but it makes sense.

Sony have said that current Playstation 3 controllers will be compatible with the PS4, so whatever design they come up with, you don’t have to use it if you prefer the feel of the classic controller that you already own.

The controller would be bigger, so would be more suited for gamers like myself who have big hands. (I’m 6 foot 7)

As long as Sony doesn’t go overboard with it, then it could work, but it will be hard to judge until we can see some screenshots or hold the controller for ourselves. I remember how different the Xbox controller felt when I first held it and it took some time to get used to the triggers at the back instead of the R2 button which is higher up.

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Source: [CVG]