Was Niall Horan in a Car Crash at Heathrow Airport?


News was announced today that Niall Horan may have been in a car accident outside Heathrow Airport. Apparently the car he was driving skidded on some ice outside of the airport when he was driving.

Niall has informed his millions of fans around the world that he was not infact in a car accident, and that all is fine. Thousands had been tweeting him all morning after the news spread on various social networks and news sites. Niall has tweeted the following however:

“I was not in a crash and that is not my car,”

The Sun appears to report differently though, even including an image of his Range Rover splashed over a metal rail on the edge of the road. Is Niall telling Porkies are is The Sun?


The girls all over the world will be happy to hear he is okay.

Source: [Sugar Scape]

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