RIM has Renamed Blackberry App World to BlackBerry World


RIM has renamed BlackBerry App World to BlackBerry World. The reason for this being that new content is being promised including Music and Video. Of course these will not be apps, so the new name will make sense and offer new content to BlackBerry users. Their phones are seen as more office based, but the new touch screen models that are becoming available offer lovely screen resolution among other features, allowing for video to be displayed a lot better than on previous devices.


BlackBerry 10 is coming soon too, so this change is expected to coincide with these new features and allow the new operating system to offer software based features that will allow for better music and video media playback.

RIM has said that the new store will be the “one stop shop for all of your entertainment needs”. Of course this will only apply to BlackBerry users. It is unlikely they will be able to compete with the iTunes store or Google Play.

Source: [Mashable]

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