Django Unchained Becomes Tarantino’s Biggest US Box-Office Hit


Tarantino once again pulls no punches with his controversial latest movie Django Unchained, dealing with slavery in the Deep South, and gains his biggest US Box-Office Hit!


Quentin Tarantino has been no stranger to controversy ever since his first full length feature film Reservoir Dogs was released in 1992. Reservoir Dogs contained huge amounts of swearing and graphic violence which to many was extremely shocking. The film gained the director cult status and he became somewhat of a legend. Despite the controversial content and perhaps in some ways because of it the movie was an instant hit with both critics and audiences. Just over 20 years on  the director is still going strong as Django Unchained becomes Tarantino’s Biggest US Box-Office hit!

Just like all his previous movies, ‘Django’ does not pull any punches with Tarantino’s trademark blood soaked graphic violence and profanity strewn language. This has not stopped the film eclipsing the $120 million dollars record of his previous biggest hit in the US, Inglourious Basterds, with ‘Django’ having raked in nearly $130 million and counting in the US alone.

Django stars a number of big name actors including: Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington and Samuel L. Jackson. Ever since Reservoir Dogs, Tarantino has been able to pull in the big names to his movies due to his aforementioned legendary status as a director. Many actors would love to get the opportunity to star in his movies if given the chance. As he has proved again with ‘Django’ he is a hit-maker and seems to be able to almost do no wrong.

Just like previous efforts though, ‘Django’ has been extremely controversial, especially due to the historical topic it deals with i.e. slavery. It centres around a slave, played by Jamie Foxx, who is freed by a bounty hunter in the pre-Civil War South, who is then tasked with helping the bounty hunter. It has been criticised by many for its pervasive use of the N-word. Additionally many have been angered by the topic and the way that Tarantino has used it for entertainment purposes. “Spike Lee has blasted Tarantino for reducing the horrors of slavery to a spaghetti Western.”

Lee’s view is not shared by everyone though:

“In a statement released by the Rainbow Coalition, Jesse Jackson praises Django for capturing “the cultural, physical and psychological pain heaped upon the lives of men and women of African descent, expressing in dramatic terms the existential nightmare endured by so many for so long.

Said Jackson: “By this measure, the scar of violence, exploitation and subrogation made evident — and the focus of this film — is not just a picture of random violence but portrays America at its lowest moment as a nation. The violence that we see portrayed in this drama might well renew our focus on the 256 years of racial violence that continues to be an indelible chapter in the history that is America.”

Django has also been received well by many movie critics and scored five Academy Award nominations, including best picture, best original screenplay (Tarantino) and best supporting actor (Waltz).”

What are your views on Tarantino’s movies and controversial content?

Source [Hollywood Reporter]

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