Trending Celebrity Deaths of 2012


When a Celebrity dies, the search engines always go a little crazy. Google insights always has Celebrity names at the top when they pass away, and this article outlines some of the most notable deaths that topped the charts. What this shows is that these celebrities were massive names when they were alive, and they had a huge fanbase and of course a very successful media lifestyle. Some celebrities couldn’t handle it and turned to drinks and drugs, and others passed away gracefully, but all of these are big names who are known all around the world for their achievements in either TV, film or music.

Frank Carson was a comedian an actor known for his work in Tiswas.

Neil Armstrong wasn’t an actor or singer, but he was known all over the world for being the first person to step foot on the moon in 1969. Sadly he also passed away this year, but what resulted was a huge surge in searches for his name and people he knew and worked with.

Michael Clarke Duncan was mostly known for his incredible role in the film The Green Mile. His character was played so well that he was recognised worldwide for being an amazing actor.

Robin Gibb was well known for being one third of the Bee Gees, a popular music band similar to The Beatles.

Finally, probably one of the biggest celebrity deaths of the year: Whitney Houston – The very popular singer.


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