Are you Rich Enough to Shop at the Billionaire shop?


It can be hard being rich. It can be a struggle to purchase high value items as although you may have the money to hand, it can take months of contracts, forms and processing before you get what you paid for. The Billionaire Shop plans to make these problems all go away. Created by the same company who brought us Multilotto, if you ever end up winning you now have an easy way to spend your winnings.

First tip: Enter your email address as soon as you get on this website, as they will send you a free lottery ticket to use on the site MultiLotto. I didn’t win the Euro Millions draw, but at least I was able to play for free.

The aim of this site is to make high value purchases simple. Simply browse the site for high end apartments in the best locations, supercars, yachts and even aircraft. Simply add the item to your basket and pay, just as you would on any usual store. This means that if you are super rich, you can make purchases just as simply as someone buying their weekly shop or a new computer game.

There is a nice quote from someone with a bit of money on the homepage. Donald Trump has the following to say for anyone interested in purchasing some of these super high value items:

“I was not satisfied just to earn a good living. I was looking to make a statement.”

You could probably make a statement too with your own Lamborghini Sports Car.

This shop has been featured already in a range of websites including Mashable, Tech Gear, and Addicted 2 Success. This brilliant online store has become an internet trend and we can’t wait to see what people buy from it. Of course the apartments aren’t exactly high stock items, and some of them even claim to be the most expensive one bedroom apartment available in the world. Have you bought anything yet? Let us know in a comment below. I’m saving up for a nice yacht.

Source: [The Billionaire Shop]

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