Woman Tasered by Police After Attempting to Buy Too Many iPhones


A 44-year-old Chinese woman named Xiaojie Li is reported to have been tasered at a mall in the US after an apparent misunderstanding about the number of iPhones she could purchase from an Apple store.

Last Friday Li bought two iPhones from an Apple store in Pheasant Lane Mall in Nashua, N.H., as that was the limit imposed at that particular store. She wanted to buy more phones though which she claims were to be sent to family members back home in China.

She bought another phone online and ordered it to be sent to the store on Tuesday. When she went to the store to pick up the phone though, a manager told her to leave. Li says she didn’t fully understand the manager’s request. At this point the police were called to escort her from the store.

The police say that Li refused to leave, struggled when they tried to escort her out, and then resisted arrest. They claim to have given her 10 minutes to leave the store, then after this point used a taser gun to stun and subdue her.

Li and her fiancé are very angry at what happened and her fiancé told reporters that the police were way too rough with her in the way they handled the incident. He has said that the police threw her to the ground and put the handcuffs on her with excessive force, leaving bruises all over her.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocKGe_lXIk0]

Li has hired lawyers to fight the misdemeanour charges and may file a complaint against the police.

The idea of the limit by Apple stores was to prevent excessive buying of Apple products, as the company claims that some customers have previously bought in bulk in the US in order to resell at higher prices in other countries. Although it was Apple policy to limit customers to two iPhone purchases in any particular store, it is rumoured online that this limit was ended in early December.

Do you think the police used excessive force or did they have no other option? Even if she was going to resell the phones is this justification for what happened?

Source [CBS News]


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