Christmas Wishlist – #5ThingsOnMyChristmasList


Trending on Twitter is #5ThingsOnMyChristmasList . It’s the place to tweet the top 5 gifts that are on your Christmas Wishlist. Lots of people have been sharing what they want for Christmas. In most cases these top 5 things have been things or people that Santa probably won’t be able to give you, but in any case it’s a great way to share what you love.

Some of the most popular tweet answers have been -

#5thingsonmychristmaslist Liam Payne. Niall Horan. Harry styles. Louis Tomlinson. Zayn Malik.

#5ThingsOnMyChristmasList Justin, Justin, Justin, Justin, and Justin.

Whilst celebs have been tweeting that they want this -

Draco Malfoy - #5ThingsOnMyChristmasList 1. Hair gel 2. Latest broomstick 3. Harry Potters unhappiness 4. Pureblood domination 5. Friends who aren’t dumb

Share with Suck My Trend what your top 5 things on your Christmas List are.

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