Parents Named Their Baby Hashtag


A Trending name is upon us, kind of. Parents of a newborn have named their child Hashtag. It’s a girl.

This would seem a strange thing for many, but I guess with people called particular months such as April, and words such as Precious it isn’t so strange. We do have to assume that the parents may be fans of Twitter. Of course they posted a picture on social networking websites of their newborn with the name and received quite a backlash. So much so that it become a trending search all over the internet as people wanted to know if it was actually true.

The child’s parents may be creative with the name, but they do struggle with their spelling. Perhaps it was a mistake and they actually meant to call their child Charles.

The message they posted on Facebook read:

“Hashtag Jameson was born at 10 oclock last nite. She weys 8 pounds and i luv her so much”

We assume this message was posted from a phone and thus the poor typing. We really hope this child doesn’t get verbally assaulted too much when he ends up at school and all his classmates try and make him a trending hashtag on a daily basis. It’s more than likely to happen of course as Twitter is going to continue becoming popular. And of course when nobody knows what Twitter is anymore, people will wonder what kind of name Hashtag is.

Source: [PC Mag]

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