Christmas Argos Advert – Blue Aliens are Trending

It’s nearly December and Christmas is coming. For some people they don’t start to feel in the Christmas spirit until the first Christmas advert has appeared on TV. We have already shared with you the new Coca-Cola advert and the John Lewis advert, but trending now are the Christmas Argos Adverts.

The Argos blue aliens first came to air in a Summer advert and ever since have been trending. Each Argos advert is different but they all feature the same family of blue aliens. The Alien Dad is played by Bill Nighy and the Alien Mum is played by Caroline Quentin. In each advert, a very memorable catch-phrase is also included. Some of these phrases include -

Christmas Sales. “We’ve missed Christmas!”

Can I have a pint of Wasabi Nuts?

Don’t forget the Garibaldies.

Tweeting Santa as we speak.

Here is one of our favourite Christmas adverts from the Argos aliens.


If you like this then you can see many more of the adverts from the whole year here.

If this isn’t enough, there is now an official “Aliens from the Argos Advert” Facebook page where you can see the very latest adverts as well as tell everyone who your favourite alien is and what you favourite catch-phrase is.