GTA V PC Petition Hits Target, Increases to 150,000


The target on a GTA V Petition to bring the game over to the PC as a release has reached it’s target of 100,000. We wrote about this petition yesterday as it was nearing the target and we mentioned that they should consider making the target higher. They obviously thought alike and have now raised the target to 150,000.

The amount of votes coming in has slowed down a lot however, and this was most likely because the 100,000 target was nearing and people were voting more and working harder to share the petition to friends and attempt to get them involved.

Rockstar has not yet commented on the petition, but by now they must know of it and be monitoring it. 100,000 votes is more than enough to show that there is a good reason to bring it over, but many are worried the game will simply be quickly “ported” over, and quality will be lost where it could be so much better on the most powerful games system, the PC.

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